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AvtorKos, Jasna, org. vede
Lokar, Matija
Naslov Selected themes from teaching calculus with CAS [Elektronski vir] / Jasna Kos, Matija Lokar
Vrsta/vsebinatype of material prispevek na konferenci
Fizični opis89 str.
Predmetne oznake (nekontrolirane)matematika / poučevanje / limita / odvod / integral / DERIVE / mathematics / teaching / calculus
Druge klasifikacije
26A09 (MSC 2000)
PovzetekThe ways in which basic themes of calculus like limit, differentiation and integration are introduced differ. In the workshop we would present several worksheets taken from the all aspect of the subject -from the concept of the limit to the usage of integrals. We want to exploit various possibilities of technology. With the aid of computers students learn new mathematical facts by themselves. Of course such an approach should be supported by systematically prepared lectures. We intend to show such a way of teaching calculus with several examples. In the workshop we intend to present different ways where Derive and other programs combined with internet resources can be used. Our worksheets are prepared as a foundation for self-discovering work, as a reinforcement of knowledge of certain topics, as amain material for a guided hour etc. Students often have problems connecting the geometrical meaning of the derivative and the tangent line of the graph to the function. The worksheet "Geometric Meaning of the Derivative", prepared as a guided hour, tries to circumvent this. With stepwise solving, self-discovery can be often carried out more efficiently. We exploit this in the worksheet where we try to lead the students to discover derivative rules by themselves. In the worksheet "Volume of revolution" we exploit the power of Derive to show students how tools are just helpers we still have to make our mathematical model, select suitable function and use the proper methods. This worksheet is an example that in spite of all progress in technology, sound mathematical knowledge is still needed. The main intention of the workshop is to discuss prepared materials. We would briefly make an overview of worksheets with an emphasis on technical aspects. In the second part participants would use the worksheets in order to facilitate the discussion, where ideas about materials and approaches to teaching calculus will be discussed.
Glej publikacijo TI=Proceedings/Tagungsband DES-Time-2006 : July 20-23, 2006, Dresden, Germany [Elektronski vir].- 89 str.