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AvtorAhčan, Uroš
Arnež, Zoran M., 1953-
Bajrović, Fajko
Zorman, Peter, 1976-
Naslov Surgical technique to reduce scar discomfort after carpal tunnel surgery / Uroš Ahčan ... [et al.]
Vrsta/vsebinatype of material članek - sestavni del
Fizični opisstr. 821-827
Opombe31 ref.
Predmetne oznakeCarpal Tunnel Syndrome - Surgery
Median Nerve - Injuries
Postoperative Complications
Cicatrix - Prevention And Control
Mediani živec
Pooperativne komplikacije
Zapestni prehod, sindrom
PovzetekA total of 379 patients (416 hands) with clinically diagnosed and electromyographically confirmed carpal tunnel syndrome were enrolled in a prospective study to determine the influence of a modified open decompression technique on postoperative scar discomfort. The new technique used in 184 patients (200 hands) is presented. Special attention was focused on identification and preservation of macroscopically detectable subcutaneous nerves. After using this method, which permits complete visualization of the entire transverse carpal ligament, the incidence of postoperative scar discomfort was 2.5%. This was significantly lower compared with the group of 195 patients (216 hands) treated by standard open decompression technique, without preservation of subcutaneous nerves. Primary results re- garding relieving symptoms were comparable in both groups. Five anatomic variations ofsubcutaneous innervation, at the site of the incision in the line with the radial border of the ring finger, are described. The etiology of scar discomfort is discussed.
Glej publikacijo TI=The Journal of hand surgery ISSN: 0363-5023.- Letn. 27 (2002), str. 821-827