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AvtorKnez, Martin, 1964-
Naslov Karst cave development from the bedding-plane point of view (Skocjanske Jame Caves, Slovenia) / Martin Knez
Vrsta/vsebinatype of material prispevek na konferenci
Fizični opisStr. 86-105
Bibliografija: str. 103-105
Predmetne oznake (nekontrolirane)krasoslovje / geologija / speleogeneza / Škocjanske jame / Slovenija / karstology / geology / speleogenesis / bedding-plane / interbedded wrench-fault / phreatic channels / Kras / Škocjanske jame Caves / Slovenia
PovzetekŠkocjanske jame Caves is one of the most important karst objects on karst, on Classical Karst and in the rocks that are the most typical and widespread on Kras. Since the beginning of speleological science the researches focused the concern on the relation between geological properties (rock, structure) and passage development. The researches of the Slovene karst underground for a long time register tectonic elements (faults and fissures) on cave surveys, however, lithopetrology and stratigraphy within the studies of cave passage development were underused. Single parameters were partially anticipated, mostly they are guessed. These questions achieved another importance when some researchers stressed the importance of bedding-planes in speleogenesis. Cave passages, their fragments and other traces of the underground karstification in one of the collapse dolines (Velika Dolina, Škocjanske jame Caves) does not occur at random in the walls but they are controlled by small number of bedding planes. Thus research concentrated on two basic questions: - is the concentration of initial channels within limited number of bedding-planes virtual or just apparent, - is this "enrichment" - if there exists - maybe associated with the properties of rock/bedding-plane. With other words, I tried to answer the question: "is selective karstification controlled by a rock?"
Glej publikacijo TI=Proceedings of the 30th International geological congress, Beijing, China, 4-14 august 1996. Vol. 24, Environmental geology.- Str. 86-105