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AvtorAvbelj, Matej
Naslov Theory of European Union / Matej Avbelj
Vrsta/vsebinatype of material članek - sestavni del
Fizični opisstr. 818-836
OpombeBibliografija v sprotnih op.
Predmetne oznakePravni sistemi - Evropa
PovzetekAfter so many years and despite numerous theoretical answers, the question of the exact legal and political nature of European integration is still left unresolved. The purpose of this article is to rectify this obstinate theoretical gap by providing a new and better-fitting theoretical framework for the process of European integration. It is argued that uniqueness of this process can be best captured through the constitutional form of a union. It develops a theory which describes and explains the internal and external functioning of European integration better than the competing accounts, and makes certain appealing normative prescriptions. This theory demonstrates that sovereign states, even in the absence of homogeneity, can build up a functional and operational entity to promote their common interests, while simultaneously retaining their own selfhood.
Glej publikacijo TI=European law review ISSN: 0307-5400.- Vol. 6 (2011), str. 818-836