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AvtorAhčan, Uroš
Ahčan, Jerneja
Janko, Martin
Naslov Sympathetic skin response and regeneration of sudomotor fibers after complete division of peripheral nerves / Uroš Ahčan, Jerneja Kolbl, Martin Janko
Vrsta/vsebinatype of material članek - sestavni del
Fizični opisstr. 69-75
Opombe19 ref.
Predmetne oznakeNerve regeneration - Physiology
Peripheral nerves - Cytology - Surgery
Motor neurons - Physiology
Skin - Innervation - Physiopathology
Sympathetic nervous system
Electric stimulation
PovzetekSympathetic skin responses (SSRs) were studied in hands of patients during regeneration of their median or ulnar nerves following complete severance and suture. The SSRs were elicited with electrical stimuli presented to the forearm of the normal side and recorded between the dorsum of the hand and three sites in the innervation area of the two nerves. The amplitude and area of the SSRs were compared to those obtained at the identical points on the uninjured hand. The responses were followed up for 16 months at 1-1.5-month intervals in a group of 6 adults and for 14 months at monthly intervals in 7 children. After an initial absence, the SSRs appeared after about 4 months postoperatively at the most proximal site in the adults and 2-3 months in the children. It progressed subsequently over a 14- or 16-month observation periodto less than 50% of the normal side in the adults and to close to 100% in children, fastest and most complete for the proximal recording site, considerably earlier in the children. End-stage recovery studied in another group of 14 adults and 7 children 2-7 years postoperatively reached an averageof 80-100% at the most proximal recording site in most adults and children. The intermediate and the distal sites showed less complete retum of the SSR. The method of recording SSRs is considered suitable to follow re?eneration of the sudomotor fibers in the cut and sutured nerves of the hand.
Glej publikacijo TI=Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System ISSN: 0165-1838.- Let. 58 (1996), str. 69-75