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AvtorAvbelj, Matej
Naslov Closing the epistemic gap - reinvigorating the federal thought / Matej Avbelj
Vrsta/vsebinatype of material prispevek na konferenci
Fizični opisStr. 6
Predmetne oznake (nekontrolirane)kriza / Evropa / federacije / pravni vidik
PovzetekAmong the many crises the European Union has been suffering through in the last years, none has been more obstinate and, perhaps, damaging as the crisis of meaning. By this we understand an overall lack of capacity of the European integration to conceive of itself other than a sui-generis entity. This has been a great handicap, not only in a meta-theoretical sense, as even theoristsof European integration have been unable to pin it down to some established widely accepted meaning, but also in legal and above all political-democratic sense. If the body politics is unable to pronounce clearly on its character, then it is impossible for it to cope with any challenges, let alone with such as faced by the integration at present. Presidentʼs Barrosso call for a federation of nation states is an important headway in this respect. It promises the bigger picture of the integration that might provide a comprehensive guidance for the future. But federalism itself is a rather controversial and above all historically distorted idea(l).This, therefore, begs a question whether federalism, and which among its many faces, can close the proverbial epistemic gap of the integration and provide that necessary theoretical, legal, political and democratic ethos thatthe integration has been missing.
Glej publikacijo TI=Natural law in postmodern times = Naravno pravo v postmoderni dobi.- Str. 6

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