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AvtorAvbelj, Matej
Naslov Framing the world of transnational law / Matej Avbelj
Vrsta/vsebinatype of material prispevek na konferenci
Fizični opisStr. 6
Predmetne oznake (nekontrolirane)državno pravo / visokošolstvo
PovzetekScholars have only begun grasping the complexity of the legal world beyond the state - the world which is emerging through the coordinated and uncoordinated practices of subnational, national and transnational actors, which are private, hybrid and public. There are so many crosscutting legal dimensions of transnational law, which are both a result of as well as a tool for the mobility of the economic factors, but primarily of capital, which as a means of economic power act as a foundation and source of the political power. The challenge this development has posed resides both on a practical and theoretical level. The practices have resulted in an increasingly complex, multilayered, multidimensional, crosscutting, centrifugal, autonomy-fostering, increasingly particularistic, but at the same time closely mutually interdependent legal landscape (or even landscapes). By default, in practice, the world of transnational law is marked by pervasive plurality. This paper, however, takes up a theoretical challenge posed by the question whether it is possible to subsume the existing and still growing legal plurality under a single normative theoretical framework, so that the latter would be able to provide a conceptual apparatus (the language) for all of the emerging phenomena; as well as a network of understandings that would be able to explain the internal and external dynamics of the transnational legal development. If so, what kind of framework would that be?
Glej publikacijo TI=Legal and Philosophical Challenges of Transnational Law [Elektronski vir] = Pravni in filozofski izzivi transnacionalnega prava.- Str. 6